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Internet Security Software by Trend Micro: Info and products

Trend Micro Internet Security Software & Info

The number of security threats to your computer, such as viruses, spam mail or worms, has exploded over the last few years. Trend Micro offers you a wide range of different computer protection solutions. That way, you can make sure that your home & home office, your small business or your enterprise business is protected against any kind of malware.

Internet Security Info

Keep up to date with Trend Micro – crucial information, not only about the latest internet threats like worms, trojans, spam mail and phishing, but also about Trend Micro Internet Security and antivirus solutions that protect you against malware like adware and spyware.


Internet Security Software

Internet security software by Trend Micro – everything about powerful spyware scanner, the online virus scanner HouseCall, the classic malware check HijackThis, free antivirus test versions, virus protection software for companies, efficient spam filter and much more!


Being online, downloading files, and opening emails comes at a certain risk. In other words, online activities open you to a variety of security threats. These include viruses, spam, adware, spyware, worms, trojans, and phishing. Most of these types of malware can be installed on your PC without you noticing anything. That is why malware is so dangerous. But Trend Micro can help you with different softwares: Using a Trend Micro antivirus software and an antivirus firewall combination, you will be protected against virus threats. You will also need an efficient Trend Micro spam filter or spam blocker to make sure that spam mail cannot even reach your inbox. Furthermore, you should be protected against adware and spyware. With the latest Trend Micro adware removal and spyware removal tools, you don’t have to be afraid about anyone obtaining sensitive information, like your bank account number. Last but not least, you should be watching out for security threats such as worms and trojans. A Trend Micro computer firewall and a worm removal tool as well as a trojan remover will make sure that you have the best computer protection. Now is the time to get comprehensive Trend Micro computer protection. If you do not want to lose important files, find unwanted programs on your computer or have someone spying on your online activity, then you should have a look at the great Trend Micro offers.